Signing Savvy Website Requirements

The Signing Savvy website was designed to leverage modern web technologies to provide you with a feature-rich sign language resource.

In order to take advantage of all that Signing Savvy has to offer, you need:

1. A modern web browser

Mozilla FirefoxVersion 3 and newer
Apple SafariVersion 4 and newer
OperaVersion 10 and newer
Google ChromeVersion 3 and newer
Microsoft Internet ExplorerVersion 7 and newer
Apple iOS SafariiOS 3 or newer
Android BrowserAndroid 2.2 or newer

Your browser is reporting that it is Unknown 0.0.0 [CCBot/2.0 (].

If you are using an older web browser, we highly recommend that you upgrade so you can take advantage off all the features of the modern web.

2. Javascript Enabled

The site also requires Javascript to be turned on in your web browser.

3. Cookies Enabled

The site also requires Cookies to be turned on in your web browser.

WARNING: It appears you DO NOT have Cookies enabled. Refresh this page just to make certain. If you still receive this message then you need to enable cookies to be able to login to this site.

4. Flash Video or HTML5 Video

On a Windows or Macintosh computer OR Android device, the site can use the Adobe Flash (version 8 or newer) plug-in to display the sign videos. On the Apple iOS mobile platform, such as the Apple iPhone or iPad, and some other devices, such as Microsoft Surface, the site works fine without Flash, using HTML5 video.

Check boxes below to make sure you can see video in one of the boxes.

NOTE: You just need one of the video formats above to work for the site to work. If the Flash video does not display above AND your browser can support it, you can download the latest Flash Player.

NOTE: While you can view the Signing Savvy website on your mobile device, there is a streamline mobile app version of Signing Savvy available for full members on Apple iOS and Android devices.

5. Printing (optional)

Printing is an optional feature for members. To print, you need a Windows or Mac computer with the Flash plugin installed and access to a printer.

Several web browsers have recently disabled Flash by default. To enable Flash for printing, follow the instructions provided by Adobe.

Printing is not currently available on mobile devices due to the lack of Flash support.

NOTE: We are currently exploring new printing solution that does not use Flash, but there is no release date on this at present.