Book: American Sign Language I


About the Book

Title: American Sign Language I

Authors: Brenda E. Cartwright

Publisher: Pearson Learning Solutions

Description: Textbook used in courses to provided an introduction to American Sign Language.

Related Course(s):

  • Lansing Community College - SIGN 161 American Sign Language I
  • University of South Florida - ASL 2150C Intermediate American Sign Language

Purchase: Available through MBS Direct (used for Lansing Community College, SIGN 161 American Sign Language I course)

Sign Language Videos For This Book


Use the following word lists of signs as a reference while going through the book. Click on any of the word lists to see the signs.

Lesson 1: Conversational Signs Lesson 2: Family and Friends Lesson 3: Feelings & Question Words Lesson 4: School Lesson 5: Your Home Lesson 6: Physical Appearance Lesson 7: Food Lesson 8: Food Continued Lesson 9: Time Lesson 10: Conversational ASL Lesson 11: Shopping Lesson 12: The Great Outdoors Lesson 13: Work / Career Lesson 14: Transportation & Travel Lesson 15: Relationships & Sports


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