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List NameAuthorActions
Hello, My Name IsSavvy User Annette
Christmas WordsSavvy User CLARA
ASL 1 Week #1 Iconic Signs (Duda-Osborne)Savvy User Susan
Classifier Practice SentencesSavvy User CLARA
5-Describing peopleSavvy User John
Unit 4 vocab Master ASL 1Savvy User Shirley
Element Classifier (ECL)Savvy User CLARA
Unit 2 Vocab for Master ASL1Savvy User Shirley
Unit 8 Vocab for Master ASL1Savvy User Shirley
Instrument Classifiers (ICL)Savvy User CLARA
Unit 6 Vocab for Master ASL1Savvy User Shirley
God Bless the USASavvy User CLARA
WonderGrove Animation: Ask the Teacher for HelpJillian @ Signing Savvy
Locating Things Around the HouseSavvy User CLARA
Winter Holiday SignsJillian @ Signing Savvy
Lord I Lift Your Name On HighSavvy User Carolyn
handshape #1Savvy User Paul H R
Open the Eyes of My HeartSavvy User Carolyn
HalloweenSavvy User CLARA
Unit 7 Vocab Master ASL level 1Savvy User Shirley
My EverythingSavvy User Annette
Semantic Classifiers (SCL)Savvy User CLARA
Which One Doesn't Belong (worksheet)Savvy User Katherine
Genesis 1:1Savvy User Ann
Joy to the WorldSavvy User Carolyn
Body Classifiers (BCL)Savvy User CLARA
campus tourroserose
Unit 14 Vocabulary Review Savvy User CLARA
peace like a river Savvy User Carolyn
Play Set: Peel N' Play Veggies Playset (By Small World Toys)Jillian @ Signing Savvy
Unit 10 Vocab for Master ASL level 1Savvy User Shirley
Descriptive Classifiers (DCL)Savvy User CLARA
Body Part Classifiers (BPCL)Savvy User CLARA
FAMILY TREE Vocabulary - Dr. BDr. B
Unit 5 Vocab for Master ASL1Savvy User Shirley
the Wise Man Built His House Upon a RockSavvy User Carolyn
Bravo Lesson 3 - Dr. BDr. B
the american sign language phrase book (3rd edition) - ch.3 - greetings, salutations, and everyday expressionsrmflowers
Bravo Lesson 4 - Dr. BDr. B
My Girl (The Temptations)Dr. B
Family reunion/VacationSavvy User John
ConservationSavvy User Elizabeth
Bravo Lesson 9Dr. B
LCC Sign 161 Lesson 3 Feelings and Question WordsSavvy User Amanda
Bravo Lesson 1 - Dr. BDr. B
There is Power in the Name of JesusSavvy User Sonya Lambert
Locative Classifiers (LCL)Savvy User CLARA
St Patrick's DaySavvy User Karen
Jesus Loves MeSavvy User Carolyn
Victory in JesusSavvy User Sonya Lambert