Numbers in American Sign Language

Numbers 1 to 10 in American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL Numbers Printable

You can use an ASL sign or combination of signs to sign each number.

Numbers are used to:

  • Sign any number used to express an amount, age, or distance.
  • Sign a time of day.
  • Sign a date.
  • Sign a dollar/currency amount.

Signing numbers is an important skill in ASL. Just like fingerspelling, it takes practice. You need to learn the signs that make up the base numbers. And you need to learn to string the signs together to make larger numbers.

You can search for any number (ex: 10,125,570), currency (ex: $5.95), date (ex: 7/12/1971), or time (ex: 4:17 PM) in the search box above and have it signed.

We also have many tools and resources to help you learn and improve your number signing skills on Signing Savvy, including: