Signing Savvy Features

Sign Language Videos

Signing Savvy is a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high-resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada.

  • Multiple Video Sizes: Everyone can view small sign videos (288x212) on their desktop computer (PC or Mac). Full Members can also view videos in two larger sizes (360x240 and 540x380) on their desktop computer and can also view video in full screen mode. Watch Tutorial on Video Size Options
  • Browse Signs: Everyone can browse all of the signs, except mature signs, in the Signing Savvy dictionary by letter and by viewing public Signing Savvy precompiled wordlists. Mature signs are only accessible to Full Members (and we recommend those over 18). Full Members can also browse signs in public member-generated wordlists. Watch Tutorial on Browsing by Letter | Watch Tutorial on Mature Signs | Watch Tutorial on Precompiled Wordlists
  • Search for Signs: Registered Guests can do 5 searches daily. Full Members have unlimited searches. Watch Tutorial on Savvy Searching
  • Customized Video Playback: Playback controls provide more control than a typical video playback bar. Registered Guests and Full Members can slow down the video and re-watch all or part of the sign when on their desktop computer. Watch Tutorial on Video Playback Controls

Learning Tools

An ideal resource to use while learning sign language - Signing Savvy includes the ability to build custom wordlists and share them with others, create virtual flash cards and quizzes, print signs, build sign phrases, and much more!

Sign Information

Additional information is included with sign videos to help provide a better understanding of what the sign is, when to use it, and how to remember it.

  • "As In" Descriptions: "As in" descriptions provide a short description of the meaning of the word and are available when there may be more than one meaning associated with the English word. These descriptions help differentiate between different signs that should be used for different meanings. An example of this is when you search for the word "fly". There are several signs for the word fly, depending on the meaning, including: fly (as in "fly in an airplane"), fly (as in "the insect"), and fly (as in "a bird flying").
  • Sign Variations: Sometimes there are multiple ways to sign a word. There are a variety of reasons why there may be more than one way to sign a word. Although American Sign Language (ASL) is used across the United States and Canada, some signs are signed differently depending on the region, just like how English is sometimes spoken with different accents throughout North America. Additionally, sometimes signs may be updated with newer ways to be signed, especially when older signs may have originated from something that is not politically correct. In addition to ASL signs, Signing Savvy also includes other common signs used for words, such as Signed English signs. Due to the number of variations that can exist, some signs will have multiple video variations. We do our best to make the first variation for each sign the most commonly used ASL sign for the word. Each word can also be viewed fingerspelled.
  • English Sentences: English sentences are provided for each sign (when available) to help with understanding the meaning of word and when it would be used.
  • Sign Descriptions: Sign descriptions are provided for each sign (when available) to accompany the video in explaining how to make the sign.
  • Memory Aid: View sign memory aids for each sign (when available) for a tip on how to remember the sign.
  • Sign Type: Lists the sign type (when available), for example, American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Sign Thesaurus: View sign synonyms - other words that use the same sign.
  • Post Comments: Post comments if you have a comment or question about a sign, if you have information about a sign you would like to share with others, or if you have an answer to someone else’s comment.
  • Remove Ads: Ability to turn off advertising throughout the website.

Mobile App and Website

Use the Signing Savvy Mobile Member App to easily lookup signs on mobile devices.

  • Apple / iOS App: Download the Signing Savvy Member App from the (1) App Store on your mobile device or from (2) iTunes from a computer and then sync your computer with your mobile device. The Signing Savvy App is for full members. Login with your Signing Savvy Full Member account for full access to the app. Anyone can see the sign of the day in the mobile app. If you download the app to your iPad, click the “2x” in the corner to make it full screen.
  • Android App: Download the Signing Savvy Member App from Google Play onto your mobile device. The Signing Savvy App is for full members. Login with your Signing Savvy Full Member account for full access to the app. Anyone can see the sign of the day in the mobile app.
  • Mobile Website: It is also possible to access the regular Signing Savvy website from the web browser on your mobile device. Just go to in your mobile device’s web browser and login like you normally would when visiting the website.