Signing Savvy can be accessed through your web browser or via the Signing Savvy Member App on a mobile device. The Signing Savvy website is full featured and is designed to leverage modern web technologies to provide you with a feature-rich sign language resource on your computer or tablet device. The Signing Savvy Member app is designed to be a streamlined version of Signing Savvy for smaller mobile devices with many of the Signing Savvy features but not all. See the Website and Mobile App requirements below.

Website Requirements

Your current browser setup is shown below:

The supported system requirements for the Signing Savvy website are listed below:

  1. Modern Web Browser

    Make sure you have a modern web browser that meets or exceeds the specifications below.

    If you are using an older web browser, we highly recommend that you upgrade so you can take advantage off all the features of the modern web.

    Your browser is reporting that it is Unknown unknown on unknown.

  2. Javascript Enabled

    The site also requires Javascript to be turned on in your web browser.

  3. Cookies Enabled

    The site requires Cookies to be turned on in your web browser.

    WARNING: It appears your browser DOES NOT have Cookies enabled. Refresh this page just to make certain. If you still receive this message then you need to enable cookies in your web browser to be able to login to this site.

  4. HTML5 Video Capable

    All sign videos within the site make use of HTML5 Video (H.264) video clips. Your web browser must support this type of video. Check below to make sure you can see video.

Mobile App Requirements

The Signing Savvy Member App requires one of the following platforms.

The Signing Savvy Member App also requires that you have a Signing Savvy membership for full use of the app.

Learn more about the Signing Savvy Member App.