10 Amazing Member Features of Signing Savvy

By Jillian Winn
Sunday, February 10, 2019

If you haven't heard, it's our 10th anniversary! We are celebrating by sharing 10 amazing member features of Signing Savvy.

If you’re already a member of Signing Savvy, these are 10 amazing features that you should know about… and use! If you’re not a member yet, these are great reasons to consider membership. Although many people have discovered Signing Savvy in one way or another, many have still not fully realized the benefits of becoming a full member, and all the additional features full membership provides. Here is a list of 10 of our most-loved member features.

  1. # 1 View Sign Information

    Our sign pages include so much more than just the video! View sign information, such as sign description, memory aid, sign type, special sign notices, images, and sign synonyms for many of the signs.

  2. Memory aids provide tips to help you remember how to sign certain words. Sign descriptions can help you better understand how to form the sign and differentiate between similar signs (your eye might not catch the difference between one movement or two or when similar, but different, handshapes are used, but the sign description will tell you!). Sign synonyms help you better understand the context and meaning of the sign and what other words you can use the sign for.

  3. Below is example of sign information provided to members. You can also see a full example of all sign information that is provided on our Sign of the Day, even if you are not yet a member.

  4. Example of Sign Information

  5. # 2 View Videos of ASL Sentences and Phrases

    View example English sentences and accompanying ASL glosses on many words. We’ve even started adding videos of the ASL glosses, so you can see video of whole phrases signed. We now have hundreds of videos of example sentences and phrases!

    Below is an example of a video sentence. This example is also linked from the word SIT, which was used as an example above.

    English Example: I like to be active and not sit and watch TV all day.
  6. If you aren't a member, you can see an example sentence or phrase signed each day by checking out our Sign of the Day, which always links to a related Sentence of the Day.

  7. If you are a full member, in addition to seeing video sentences linked from many words in the dictionary, you can also see our Phrase Lists page for categorized lists of signed phrases.

  8. # 3 Enhanced Video and Video Controls

    Access larger, high resolution, members-only videos, plus an enhanced video player that lets you watch full screen video, adjust the speed of the video (you can slow it down or make it faster). Plus, the ability to print images/frames from videos (if you have Flash).


    Watch large, high resolution video and slow it down!

  10. # 4 Mobile Member App

    The Signing Savvy Member App for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices, let’s you quickly view signs and your word lists on-the-go for a streamlined Signing Savvy experience.

    Signing Savvy Member App

  11. # 5 Create and Share Word Lists

    Use Signing Savvy word lists to organize your vocabulary lists, lessons to study, stories, songs, and bible verses. Share your lists and view other shared lists by our community of teachers, parents, students, and interpreters!

    Farm Animals Word List
  12. # 6 Practice and Study With Digital Flash Cards and Quizzes

    Use our digital flash cards and quizzing tools with any word list. This is a great way to study vocabulary on your own. You can customize the settings in a variety of ways, including choosing multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank for answer choices.

    See examples of a multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions below. These examples are for a quiz from the word list in the example above.

  13. Multiple choice question:

    Quiz example with multiple choice questions

  14. Fill-in-the-blank question:
    Quiz example with fill in the blank
  15. # 7 Special Tools for Practicing Fingerspelling and Numbers

    This may be one of our least known member features! Of course, you could add any fingerspelled words you wanted to a word list and quiz yourself, but we also have special pre-built quizzing tools to help you practice your fingerspelling and numbers. 

    The fingerspelling quiz settings let you select how many letters you want in the words you are quizzed on and also let you adjust the speed the video is displayed - so if you are new to fingerspelling, you can start with slow video and just short words (or even single letters!), and if you want to test your more advanced skills, you can quiz yourself using longer words and speed up the video so the letters appear more quickly. You can also adjust the numbers quiz if you want to focus on recognizing a smaller range of numbers (like starting with 1 to 100 first).

    You can find links to these tools on our Fingerspelling and Numbers pages.

  16. Example Numbers Quiz

  17. # 8 Handouts

    We have single-page handouts that are easy to print and great references that can be used individually or in the classroom. We have a few handouts available to everyone and several additional handouts available for members only. You can see our full list of handouts on our Handouts Page. Look for more of these to come in the future!

    Vegetables in American Sign Language (ASL)     Fruit in American Sign Language (ASL)

  18. # 9 Discount on ASL One-on-One Sessions

    Signing Savvy Members receive $5 off ASL One-on-One 30-minutes sessions. Whether you lack local resources where you can meet and sign with others, like the convenience of online sessions to better match your schedule, or want to work with a signing expert who can create a session that best meets your goals and objectives — we are here to help!

    We offer one-on-one sessions with one of our signing experts through Savvy Tutoring or Savvy Chat. Each session is 30-minutes long and takes place online through video chat.

    Savvy Tutoring    Savvy Chat   

  19. # 10 No Advertisements and Access to All Sign Videos and Blog Articles

    Last, but not least, as a member of Signing Savvy, you have unlimited access to all sign videos (including signs marked as mature), blog articles, and content on the website. You can remove ads, so you don’t see any advertisements. We are always adding signs and new features to Signing Savvy - there are some great things in the works for this year!

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