Signing Children’s Books: Little Brown

By John Miller
Friday, May 10, 2019

This article is part of our “Signing Children’s Books” series, which highlights children’s books and pairs them with pre-built Signing Savvy word lists to help you get started with learning and signing the vocabulary in the book. Reading and literacy is so important. By sharing these pre-built word lists, we hope to cut down on prep time for families that are just beginning to learn ASL and hope you can find more comfort in sharing literacy with our young deaf children.

Signing Children's Books: Little Brown

Little Brown by Marla Frazee is a delightful little story about dogs and their goofy behavior. Most children love dogs. They love to play with them and watch them as they play with other dogs. This is a book all about dogs and the funny ways they interact together.

Little Brown is one cranky canine because no one ever plays with him at the animal shelter. Or maybe no one ever plays with him because he is cranky. Either way, Little Brown decides today is the day to take action, so he takes all of the toys and sticks and blankets from all of the dogs at the shelter and won’t give them back. But what will happen next?

Extension Actvities

You can find more ideas for actvities related to dogs on Pinterest. Here are some activities from Pinterest to check out for inspiration:


Get the Pre-Built Word List for this Book!

I hope through the Little Brown word list you will feel confident to share this story with your children. You can also bring up signs on the Signing Savvy Member App using the pre-built word list as you go through the book.


Word List for Little Brown

View word list of ASL signs for the book Little Brown

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