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Free Membership for Teachers

Free Membership for Teachers

By Jillian Winn  |  Friday, May 1, 2020

We got an email from a teacher at a Deaf and hard of hearing program who is being asked to move her ASL class online. She has used Signing Savvy, but has never been a member and is hoping the member features, like the ability to create word lists will help her with her online teaching. With offices closed down, it will be a long process to purchase a membership through her school, and she really needs to find solutions now.

We’ve heard from other instructors… instructors who are hearing and instructors who are Deaf… teaching Kindergarten through University… from public, private, and residential schools… teaching ASL… teaching Deaf and hard of hearing students… every teacher is looking for help moving their classes and communications with their students (and in some cases, also their families) online.

If you are like many teachers, you have a few weeks left in the school year or semester and don’t have quick access to funds through your school to help you purchase membership. We are here to help! 

We are awarding K-12 and higher education teachers with 3-months of Signing Savvy membership for free! We hope this helps you with the immediate need to provide online resources to your students. Further, by using Signing Savvy during this time we hope you learn tips on how to incorporate our tools into your future courses, whether they are online, in-person, or a hybrid. This applies to both those that have not had a Signing Savvy membership before and our current members. If you already have membership, 3-months will be added to your current membership.

In addition to being awarded with 3-months of membership, we also want to help teachers to encourage their students, their students’ families (if appropriate), and other staff that work with them to access all the features of full Signing Savvy membership. Although teachers can share the word lists they create as members with their students and staff that are non-members, it’s even better when they also have membership so they can use the website ad-free, use the Member App on their mobile and tablet devices, build their own word lists for honing in on what they want to practice, and take advantage of the quizzing and digital flash card tools. 

Once teachers are approved for a teacher account, they get a personalized promo code to share with students, families, and staff for 20% off Signing Savvy membership. Not only that, but any memberships that are purchased using the promo code also count as part of our recommendation system to earn more free time for your teacher account. It’s a win-win for everyone!

This teacher special is available May 1 - June 30, 2020. This is the first time we have awarded memberships to teachers in this way and will also be the first time we are providing tools for teachers to share discounts on Signing Savvy membership. We have started this effort as a way to continue to support teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic.