Signing Savvy Continues to Help Teachers During Global Pandemic

Signing Savvy Continues to Help Teachers During Global Pandemic

By Jillian Winn
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

As we have discussed before, most teachers are struggling to get their courses online during these troubled times of the global pandemic. Fortunately, Signing Savvy has tools to help! We ran a promotion at the end of spring to help get teachers up and running with Signing Savvy and the response was overwhelming. Moving forward, we want to continue to help teachers, not only by providing amazing sign language online learning tools, but also helping them get Signing Savvy integrated into their courses and helping their students, parents, and staff also get access to Signing Savvy.

For K-12 and higher education teachers, we are providing a free 1-month Signing Savvy membership! This should help teachers explore how Signing Savvy can help them in their teaching. Additionally, we are providing a promo code for teachers to share with their students, staff, and families for 20% off Signing Savvy membership. Any memberships that are purchased using the promo code also count as part of our recommendation system to earn more free time for the teacher. It’s a win-win for everyone!

If you are a K-12 or higher education sign language teacher, apply for the teacher promotion now!


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