How do you sign… Thanksgiving?

By Marta Belsky, Brenda Cartwright and Jillian Winn
Tuesday, November 23, 2021

There are a few different ways you may see Thanksgiving signed.

This first way has both hands in the open B handshape move forward away from the body. This is probably the most common way you will see it signed.

It is easy to remember because it looks similar to the signs for THANK YOU and VERY THANKFUL.

There are also several regional variations for THANKSGIVING. They each use different handshapes, but the movements are similar, moving from the face to the chest. You can think of the shape of a turkey’s wattle when signing these.

In this one the T handshape starts at the nose and changes to a K handshape at the chest.

This one starts with an almost closed 3 handshape at the chin.

This last example starts with a G handshape at the chin.

The above sign also looks a little simlar to the sign for TURKEY because of the handshape.

Some fun!

Just for fun, here is a coloring page by Deaf artist Mary Klein showing how she signs THANKSGIVING.

 ASL Coloring Page for Thanksgiving

Download the Thanksgiving Coloring Page or visit our Handouts Page for more downloadables.

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