New Instructor Susan Dramin-Weiss Available for Tutoring Sessions

By Jillian Winn
Monday, May 1, 2023

We are excited to welcome a new instructor to our team! Susan Dramin-Weiss is now available for one-on-one tutoring sessions. Note that Susan offers times for evening sessions, so if you are looking for sessions offered later in the day and evening, she will be a great fit!


30 minutes


Our one-on-one tutoring sessions let you meet online through video chat. Each session is unique to meet the needs of the person who scheduled the chat, whether your goal is to begin learning ASL, prepare for a quiz or test, or to practice your signing so you may improve your expressive or receptive signing skills.

Susan Dramin-WeissSusan is a third-generation Deaf, native signer and has been teaching ASL for 35 years. She enjoys teaching ASL because she wants learners to understand about both the language and Deaf Culture. She has been teaching ASL at the University of Illinois for 29 years. She was honored with an Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award from the University of Illinois for designing the ASL course sequence, teaching at all levels, and providing a transformative experience for her students as they learn to use their ASL skills to communicate with members of the deaf community. In addition to teaching at the University of Illinois, she has also taught learners including a variety of ages in public schools, high school, and community college.

With a Bachelor’s degree from Gallaudet University, Susan is currently the director of the Gallaudet University Central Florida Alumni Chapter. She is also Vice President for the Tri-County Association for the Deaf in The Villages, Florida.

Susan is a great resource for anyone learning or hoping to improve their signing. View her availability and schedule sessions with her now through our one-on-one instruction page.

One-on-one sessions are also still available with our other Deaf ASL instructor, Marta Belsky, and our religious signing tutor, Pastor Suellen Bahleda.

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