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Creating a Deck of Printed Flash Cards

Teaching Tips   |  Monday, August 1, 2011

By John Miller

In my sign language teaching, I create word lists containing the vocabulary of each of my lessons. I share these word lists so my students can view it. The students can then use the online flash card and quizzing features to learn the vocabulary and better prepare themselves for the next in-class test. NOTE: If they have an Apple or Android mobile device, they can also use the flash card feature on the Signing Savvy Member App.

The online flash cards are great as you can actually view the entire motion of the sign since they are shown as videos. However, some people still prefer printed flash cards. Printed flash cards are especially useful to send home with the students. That way, the students can practice their vocabulary with their parents or siblings and everyone ends up learning!

Below is an example of some flash cards I recently created and printed.

To create these printed flash cards, I followed the steps below:

  1. I used the Signing Savvy's word list feature to create a word list of the vocabulary lesson. Just like my previous example, I shared the word list so my students with Signing Savvy memberships could access the list.
  2. Then I went through each sign in the word list and selected what frames I wanted to print using the Signing Savvy printing feature. You can select from one frame up to nine frames of the video to represent the sign. That is, the frames you select are the images that are printed for each sign.
  3. Since I was creating flash cards, I selected the option to print the sign description on a separate page of paper.
  4. Then I printed the signs. Since I had a two-sided printer, I printed front-to-back with the sign images on the front and the sign description on the back. If I only had a one-sided printer, I could have just printed two sheets and glued the two pieces of paper together.
  5. Finally, I cut out the cards to create my deck of flash cards! If you want to get really fancy, you can print them on cardstock paper and laminate them.

Printed flash cards are a great literacy tool to use in your classrooms and send home!


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