Book: Lessons and Activities in American Sign Language (ASL)


About the Book

Title: Lessons and Activities in American Sign Language

Authors: Brenda E. Cartwright and Suellen J. Bahleda

Publisher: Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Press

Description: The challenge for any language learner is how to move from beyond the dictionary to the wideness and variation of everyday use. This new, practical and comprehensive text features a colorful range of information and practice elements to stimulate conceptual vocabulary development and application. Joining Fingerspelling in American Sign Language, Numbering in American Sign Language, and Multiple Meanings in American Sign Language this fourth text in the Yellow Book series is perfect for use with beginning to intermediate American Sign Language students.

Note: The book groups signs by topics with practice sentences and great activities - a fun way to learn and practice American Sign Language.

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  • Lansing Community College - SIGN 160 Intro to the Deaf Community
  • University of South Florida - ASL 2041C Beginning American Sign Language

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Sign Language Videos For This Book


Use the following word lists of signs as a reference while going through the book. Click on any of the word lists to see the signs.

Manual Alphabet & Introductions Iconic Signs Number Signs Date Signs Introductory Signs State Signs Family Signs Food Signs City Signs Math and Money Signs Major and Career Signs Animal Signs Color and Clothing Signs Sport Signs Holiday Signs


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