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If you would like to purchase one or more memberships to offer to someone else, such as members of your organization, employees, or simply to offer as gifts, Signing Savvy has an elegant way to do just that, called Bulk Membership Purchasing.

How does it work?

With Bulk Membership Purchasing you can purchase one or more Signing Savvy memberships. Once the purchase is made, you, as administrator of the bulk memberships, can assign and manage who receives the purchased memberships. You can assign memberships anytime after the purchase is made by providing email addresses for the individuals OR you can create Activation Codes that you can provide to individuals that you would like to grant membership to. The membership clock for each membership does not begin until it is assigned to or activated by an individual. As is the case with all Signing Savvy members, your members can access their membership by logging in to Signing Savvy from any computer on the Internet.

One membership can be assigned to one individual only. That is, memberships cannot be shared across multiple individuals. Once a membership is assigned, you cannot take it back and reassign it. In that sense, assigning a membership is like providing a gift of Signing Savvy to someone. You should purchase the number of memberships corresponding with the number of individuals you would like to have membership.

Price Quote

You can see what the cost will be for a given number of memberships, by entering the number of memberships below.

Membership Duration 3-year 12-month 4-month 1 Month
Avg Price/Member
Discount Over Standard Price

Payment Options

Payment can be made via one of the following mechanisms:

  • online with a credit card
  • online with a PayPal account
  • check or money order
  • purchase order

Getting Started

You need to be logged in to generate a Bulk Membership Purchase Proposal.

If you do not yet have an account on Signing Savvy, you can setup a free registered guest account. This account will serve as one of the administrators for the bulk membership purchase. You can add additional administrators once the proposal is created.