FAQ: I can't seem to login on the mobile app.

Make sure you are logging in with the email address and the password you used when you created your Signing Savvy account. Note that the password IS case-sensitive so type it exactly as you entered it when you created your account. Also, it is sometimes hard to type things perfectly on mobile devices.  Be extra careful while entering your username and password. If you forgot your password, you may reset it.

NOTE: There is currently a bug in the mobile app that does not allow some special characters (+ and #) in your password. If you are using these special characters, I recommend changing your password to remove them. An update is coming soon to the Mobile App that will resolve this issue.

NOTE: The mobile app is only for full members of Signing Savvy. If you are a (free) registered guest, you do not have access to the mobile app, beyond the Sign of the Day feature.

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