FAQ: There are multiple sign variations for the word I want to sign. How should I sign it, which variation should I use?

Most often you should use the first variation of the word listed.

When a word has multiple sign variations, we always try to list the most general, commonly used sign for that word first (which is usually the most commonly used ASL version).  However, because signs can be regional, depending on where you are from, it may be more common to see the word signed in one of the other ways.

If you are trying to use strict ASL, you would want to stay with the signs that list the sign type of "ASL" and avoid using the "English" signs.  If no sign type is listed for a word, that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't ASL, it just means that we haven't marked the sign type yet. Use the contact form to notify us of a missing sign type.

For more information on sign variations see the FAQ: What type of signs does Signing Savvy include?

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