FAQ: Is there a Signing Savvy book?

We don’t currently have a book, however, Signing Savvy is designed to be flexible to help people learn and teach ASL on their own by choosing their own path through creating word lists to meet their specific needs. 

As a Signing Savvy member, you can create word lists of signs for each lesson you would like to teach or practice. You can share those word lists with others (they don’t have to be members to view your word list). Then the person can use the word list to view all the sign videos, practice on their own, and if they have membership, they can also use our quizzing and flash card tools to practice the signs you put in the word lists. 

Many teachers use word lists to help their students learn, even making a word list that corresponds with each chapter or lesson from a book. We even hear from many students that they prefer to learn from word lists instead of from books since books can only show a still image and our word lists show videos of the signs.

Here is an example of a set of word lists used by some intro ASL classes that follow the book Lessons and Activities in ASL. This could be a good set of word lists for you to start with and you can also purchase the accompanying book if you would like (the book is available on Amazon). 

Or you could build your own set of word lists if you have a different way that you would like to teach or learn ASL. We also have a teacher resources page with tips on how to use Signing Savvy to teach ASL.

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