FAQ: Why are there ads on the website?

Never see an ad again! If you don’t want to see any ads ever, you may become a Signing Savvy member to have all ads turned off.

You are welcome to use the free features of Signing Savvy any time, which include access to our entire dictionary. If you are not a Signing Savvy member, you should be able to watch 3 sign videos per day before ads are displayed. Once ads begin to display, video ads should start before the sign video is shown. If you are experiencing something different, please let us know.

If you are interested in membership, but are hoping for a discount, see our answer about discounts.

We have been around for over 10 years and hope to be around for countless more, but we would not be able to offer the features we have and maintain them (or even have the Signing Savvy website) without charging for membership and having ads. There is a cost to creating, maintaining, and growing the website - equipment, software, hardware, and staff costs.

We have tried to make membership affordable - similar in cost to what a comprehensive sign language textbook might cost for a class.  We offer several pricing options to try to accommodate individual needs and budgets. For example, the $49.95 12-month membership averages out to only $4.17 per month (a 3-year membership averages out to $3.60 per month). We also have a recommendation program where membership time is received when you recommend someone to Signing Savvy and they become a full member.

We understand not everyone can afford membership, which is why we offer ad-supported access to our dictionary. Ads have become a very common practice with video content. For example, if you watch videos on YouTube, you will also see video ads. We understand video ads can be annoying, which is why we allow you to watch 3 sign videos per day before displaying ads, and we turn off all ads for Signing Savvy members.

We hope that everyone will take advantage of the free features of Signing Savvy. We hope that those who love to use Signing Savvy often and want to take advantage of having no ads and using the more advanced features will become full members in order to help support us and our continued growth, so we may keep adding more sign videos, content, and features to the site.

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