FAQ: Why did I see an inappropriate ad on your website?

Very rarely we will get a report that someone has seen an inappropriate ad on the website.

We absolutely do not want ads that are inappropriate or have offensive content of any kind on the website. Unfortunately, we can’t pre-screen ads, they are auto placed by our ad content providers (Google and Sovrn). However, we do our best to add filters to screen out ads that may be inappropriate (we don’t allow ads related to pornography, gambling, etc.).

Not everyone sees the same ads, so our team doesn’t always see the same ads as all users. Please know that if you see an ad you feel is inappropriate, it was not intentionally selected or pre-approved by our team and we appreciate your help in alerting us of the issue ASAP so we may work to resolve the issue.

If possible, take a screenshot of the ad and send it to us. If you aren’t able to take a screenshot, please tell us anything you can remember about the ad - what the ad was for (company name and product/service), if it was an image ad or a video ad, and anything else that may help us identify the ad. We will then go in to our Google Ad settings and block that ad and also most likely block that advertiser as well so we never get ads from them again. You may contact us using our contact form.

Also, if it was an image ad, you may click the little “X” in the top-right corner of the ad, and that will stop that ad from being served to you personally. This applies to any website that serves Google ads. At least this should get the ads to stop showing up for you on Signing Savvy. (Unfortunately, this is only for image ads and there isn’t a similar option for video ads). 

Please also note when you have Signing Savvy membership you never see ads.

Especially if you are using Signing Savvy in a school, we recommend you have Signing Savvy membership so that you never see ads. We don’t typically have issues with inappropriate ads and we work hard to quickly resolve any issue if one arises, but ads can be a distraction, especially in a learning environment.

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