FAQ: How do I allocate a membership to someone if I don’t know if they have a Signing Savvy account already or I know they have one, but I don’t know what email address they use with it?

If you want to allocate a Signing Savvy membership to someone, but you aren’t sure if they have a Signing Savvy account already, or you don't know the email address they use with their Signing Savvy account, you may send them an activation link.

The email you use to send the activation link does NOT need to be the same email they currently use for their Signing Savvy account, or the email they'll use if setting up a new Signing Savvy account. It just needs to be an email account they read so that they get the activation link.

The email with the activation link will let them activate the membership with their current Signing Savvy account, if they have one, or let them create a new account.

To Send Someone An Activation Link For Membership:

  1. Log into the Signing Savvy website. 
  2. Click on “My Account” in the top, right corner.
  3. Scroll down to the “Institution Memberships” section and next to where it says your school name and click on "Manage Membership."
  4. To manage users or allocate seats, click on “Users”
  5. When you get to this page, there are three ways to allocate memberships. To send someone an activation link, use the Invite Users button.
    • Invite Users - You enter as many emails as you want, one per line, and then they are emailed a link to activate the membership. The email comes from help@signingsavvy.com. If they already have a Signing Savvy account, they may still use the activation link to add the membership to their current account.

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