FAQ: May I print signs?

In the past, we had a printing feature but it used Adobe Flash (a free software plugin) to work, and Adobe Flash has been discontinued by Adobe. We are exploring other ways to bring back image printing in the future.

We do have other good resources and ways for sharing wordlists.  Here are three solutions for you to try, along with a link to our Teacher Resource page:


    • If you are trying to share signs with others, we recommend creating a word list of the signs, and sharing the link to the word list with them. You will just want to make sure you set the word list access to either “Unlisted - Anyone with the direct link can view this list.”  OR  “Shared - Anyone can search for and view this list.”  Then you may just copy and paste the link / URL of the word list and share that with them.

    • You do need to be a member to create word lists, but you may share your word lists with anyone, (non-members included!), and they will be able to see them. This is handy because they may look through the word list you made for them and see all the sign videos. If they forget a sign, they are able to come back and watch the video again. They should be able to access your link on a computer or mobile device (if it is a mobile device with a web browser).

    • You are welcome to widely share a Signing Savvy link to any wordlists you create on Signing Savvy with students, their families, your website or via social media.


    • We offer some ready-made handouts, and you are welcome to print these. See our Handouts page


    • If you are a Signing Savvy member, using Signing Savvy for educational purposes, we give you permission to take screen shots of signs that you may then print. You may share printouts or digital files you create with your students and their families for educational purposes. You may not resell any of our content or any of our content you use to create new content. You do not have permission to share our videos or screenshots of our videos or other content electronically via social media or your website or another medium.


    • If you are a teacher, check out our Teacher Resources page for more helpful information, tips and ideas for using Signing Savvy with your curriculum.


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