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Darren Holst

Advisory Board Member

Darren Holst

Darren was born into a deaf family and raised in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. He received a degree in Biology from Gallaudet University and specialized in Deaf Education from York University in Toronto. His career includes a wide variety of positions in the field of Education. He has taught primary, junior, middle and high school grades. He was also an Educational Coordinator and a team member of ASL curriculum.

Currently, he is a pre-school teacher running a Home Visitation Program with the Provincial Schools Branch (identical to Early Intervention programs in the U.S.).

Darren is also very active in the Deaf community in Ontario where he has served on board for London Centre of the Deaf and Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf. He also served as President for both organizations. Currently he is a board member for London Centre of the Deaf.

To him, ASL comes as a natural language, he enjoys all forms of ASL genres, Darren has created and performed several ASL poems. Stage fright has no meaning for him as he enjoys standing on the stage whether he performs or presents.