Word List: RECIPE: Grilled Cheese Waffles

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This list goes with a recipe for grilled cheese that is on the Signing Savvy site.


Grilled Cheese Waffles (Made with bread or Crescent Rolls) 


Appliances needed: Waffle Maker


Crescent Rolls from a tube (or bread)

Butter  (or cooking spray)

Slice cheese (your choice of flavor)

Grated Cheese (your choice of flavor)



Using a stick of butter (or cooking spray), thoroughly coat the waffle iron (top and bottom).

Allow it to warm up a bit.

Place the triangle crescent roll on the bottom iron.

Place one slice of cheese (you will have to break it up a bit)

Sprinkle a little grated cheese.

Place another triangle crescent roll exactly over the first one.

Close the waffle iron and gently press together.


It won’t take long and you will have a nice crispy waffled grilled cheese sandwich!



  1. WAFFLE (ENG)               5.  MELT
  2. CHEESE                             6.  TRIANGLE
  3. BUTTER                            7.  CLOSE (pointing out the difference in direction)
  4. HOT                                    8.  COOKING SPRAY


Teachable moments:  This recipe gives you the opportunity to have discussions about how cheese is found in many different ways.  Show the students some different examples of cheeses. (General World Knowledge)

You can also have the discussion about the use of cooking spray and butter.  They both help to make things not stick to the waffle iron but the butter tastes better. Discuss how if you don’t want to have the fat from the butter, you can just use cooking spray. (Nutrition)

Discuss how things can switch from a solid to a liquid when heat is applied.  The process of melting.  (Science)