Word List: RECIPE:Breakfast Casserole (everything but the kitchen sink)

Created By: John @ Signing Savvy

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This is a great way to teach a little figurative language as well as some cooking vocabulary, AND make a really tastey breakfast casserole!

EVERYTHING BUT THE KITECH SINK....really means...LOTS and LOTS of Ingredient options!

Start with a thin layer of hashbrowns (already browned), then add browned sausage, scrambled eggs, chopped onions (if desired), mushrooms (if desired), *prepare 2 cups of pancake batter and pour down over the layers so far and let it seep in the cracks, then add grated cheese (cheddar, mozarella (or both), bacon, tater tots and MORE CHEESE!

Bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes.