Word List: RECIPE: Meatball Sliders Recipe

Created By: John @ Signing Savvy

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These are Meatball Sliders!  They are really fun to make and children and adults alike love to both make AND eat them!  You can make your own meatballs, or cheat a little and buy some that are freshly made at your local grocery or buy them already made and cooked even in your frozen food section.  The rest is basically cutting the Hawaiian Rolls in half, spreading a butter and olive oil mixture, adding some mozerella cheese, parsley, putting the top half of the rolls back on (with the holes cut out so that your cooked meatballs can be placed in them.  Add the meatballs, your favorite sauce, more cheese and bake (covered with tin foil) at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.  Once the cheese is all melted over the top, take the foil off and back for another 10 minutes.  Sprinkle with parsley and serve warm.

They will be gone before you know it!