Word List: RECIPE: Pumpkin Cake Balls

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This is an easy recipe that is actually lower in fat because you are not using the oil in the cake mix. Buy your favorite yellow box cake mix, one can of pumpkin, mix together and bake the cake as directed. (You can either add the cream cheese before you bake it, or after...either way it acts as an agent to make the cake moist and easy to roll into balls.) Allow the cake to cool completely.  Break apart and roll into balls.  Refrigerate the balls long enough to have them nice and chilled so that they will easily dip in white chocolate.  Using a microwave, melt the white chips in a coffee cup on half power until they are all melted.  (Don't overheat or the chocolate will become clumpy.)  Dip the balls completely covering them, then place back in the refrigerator until fully cooled.