Word List: RECIPE: Pancake/Sausage Breakfast Sandwhich

Created By: John @ Signing Savvy

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This is a fun recipe that children will enjoy putting together once the "parts" are all made. You easily pre-make them at home, or do them together in class. Either way it's a fun and tasty experience!

You can make them as individualized as well depending on your students likes or dietary restrictions.

Begin with silver dollar sized pancakes (or waffles), fried or scrambled egss, sausage patties or bacon strips, cheese (either slices or shredded) and my secret ingredient, PEANUT BUTTER!

After teaching the children all the vocabulary, just let them construct their own sandwhichs or even have them take orders from the office, the custodians, the librarian, school nurse...it's a guaranteed success!

Activities like this are great to photograph and then use as sequencing card activites later, or writing activities where the students need to write the directions for creating a breakfast sandwhich.