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Shared Lists from Dr. B

List NameAuthorActions
'AQuietPlace' (quiz): Vis. Mem. and Handout (33 items) (members only)Dr. B
'A Quiet Place' signs/sentences w/ notes - Dr. BDr. B
'A Quiet Place' vocabulary (Visual Memory)Dr. B
1st Week: COLORS, Items, VIs. Mem. (July '22) Dr. BDr. B
Animals - Dr. BDr. B
ASL University, Lesson 1 (thanks, Dr. Bill Vicars) Dr. BDr. B
ASL University, Lesson 2 - Dr. BDr. B
ASL University, Lesson 3 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 1 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 1 Story - extension / alternate story -- Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 2 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 3 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 4 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 4 Quiz (16 from Lesson 4, four (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 4 Quiz (20 signs) (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 4 Quiz: Lesson & Added (and Old) (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 4, Additional VocabularyDr. B
Bravo 6 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 7 - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 7, Added/Related Vocabulary - Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 8 quiz (10 items) (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 8, Additional/Related Vocabulary -- Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 8, with Notes -- Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 9 (with Notes) -- Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 9, Added/Related VocabularyDr. B
Bravo 11, with Notes -- Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 12 Quiz (The Doctor is IN) (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 12 quiz: Old (known) Vocabulary (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 12 with Notes -- Dr. BDr. B
Bravo 13Dr. B
Bravo 13 Quiz (Mostly NEW Target Vocab.) (members only)Dr. B
Bravo 14 -- Clothes ShoppingDr. B
Bravo 14 quiz (First Vocab. list) (members only)Dr. B
Breaking Free (from 'H.S. Musical') - Dr. BDr. B
CALENDAR Signs (no 'horizon' signs)Dr. B
Dr. BDr. B
Dr. V's YouTube Lesson 03 (fits 1st Term OGHS)Dr. B
Family Tree - practice sentencesDr. B
FAMILY TREE Vocabulary - Dr. BDr. B
FANT - Chapters 1 & 2 - Dr. BDr. B
Fant 1 and 2 vocab (Visual Memory)Dr. B
Fant 3 - Vocabulary (alphabetical order)Dr. B
Fant Chapter 3 sentences - Dr. BDr. B
Fant Chapter 4 - Dr. BDr. B
Fant Chapter 5 - Dr. BDr. B
Fant Chapter 9 (SCHOOL) - Dr. BDr. B
Go Tell it on the Mountain (Dr. B's gloss signs)Dr. B
H&P 1 (Introductions and Personal Information)Dr. B
H&P Unit 2: Dr. B
H&P Unit 5Dr. B
H&P Unit 6Dr. B
H&P Unit 7Dr. B
H&P Unit 9 - Additional/Related/Review VocabDr. B
H&P Unit 9 - More DescriptionsDr. B
H&P Unit 11Dr. B
H&P Unit 21: Occupations and ProfessionsDr. B
Hamilton - Take a Break (members only)Dr. B
LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Sports, Music, and Hobbies (etc.)Dr. B
My Girl (The Temptations)Dr. B
Numbers 1-20 (Dr. B)Dr. B
Numbers Quiz (11 -- 99) (members only)Dr. B
OGHS ASL I - Intro Sign VocabularyDr. B
PARK and PICNIC VocabularyDr. B
Personality TraitsDr. B
QUIZ (private): FUN TIMES (25 signs from LEISURE and PARK/PICNIC) (members only)Dr. B
Weather-related (Dr. B)Dr. B