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Signing Savvy is a great way to enhance learning inside and outside the classroom. If you are part of an educational institution and would like to offer full member features to your teachers, students, or family members, you can sign up your educational institution here.

How does it work?

Educational Institutions can purchase an annual institutional membership. Once payment is received, the institution's seat block will become active and continue for the designated duration. As the administrator of the account, you can assign who will occupy each seat (which grants them access to the full member features of Signing Savvy.) You can reallocate the seat to another person at anytime. Alternatively, you can allow people to claim a seat on their own via a variety of forms of authentication (HTTP Referred, IP Range, Barcode/Student ID number). As is the case with all Signing Savvy members, individuals occupying one of your Signing Savvy seats can access their membership by logging in to Signing Savvy from any computer on the Internet.

Educational Institution Pricing

Educational Institution Pricing is available exclusively for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Purchases must be made at the institution level. Individuals, such as students and teachers, should use the standard membership sign-up process if they wish to purchase a membership directly. If you wish to purchase less memberships than the lowest available seat block, you may want to go through Bulk Membership Purchases instead.

Price Quote

You can see what the cost will be for a given number of seats, by entering the number of seats below.

Membership Duration 3-year 12-month
Avg Price/Seat
Retail Price
Discount Over Standard Price

Payment Options

Payment can be made via one of the following mechanisms:

  • online with a credit card
  • online with a PayPal account
  • check or money order
  • purchase order

Signing Savvy, LLC is the sole provider of the Signing Savvy service.

Getting Started

You need to be logged in to generate an educational institution membership purchase proposal.

If you do not yet have an account on Signing Savvy, you can setup a free registered guest account. This account will serve as one of the administrators for the educational institution. You can add additional administrators.