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Kathleen Marcath

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Kathleen Marcath

Kathleen Marcath has a BA in Deaf Community Studies and is passionate about helping students and families make connections through American Sign Language. Her first experience with sign language came at a retreat where she learned to sign, "Our God is an Awesome God." In establishing ASL Educational Services – Making Connections she is helping people tap into their potential and the hidden potential of American Sign Language.


Through community classes and classrooms, she has taught ASL through projects like "One Thanksgiving Story with Many Titles." Where students designed and created a story filled with signs about Thanksgiving to share with their families. Kathleen believes every student should have the opportunity to expand their minds with sign language, at the same time bridging the gap between the hearing world and the Deaf community.


Kathleen has the privilege to work with hard of hearing students providing sign language support, building vocabulary, confidence and community. She strives to create an atmosphere that promotes harmony, excellence, exploration and certainly fun.

Currently, Kathleen serves as President for the Michigan Chapter of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. Over the past 10 years she has actively advanced awareness through VisionWalk equally raising funds for research that will restore eye sight. Beyond research she is working to partner with available resources to the blind and Deaf blind community that will enhance their lives now.


If you are interested in creating new possibilities for yourself, your family or your school, Kathleen can be contacted at

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