FAQ: Do you offer discounts?

If you are interested in Signing Savvy membership, but are hoping for a discount, we have a few options for you.

We typically have a sale the week of Thanksgiving and around Independence Day.

We always offer discounts for purchasing longer lengths of membership. The longer the membership, the greater the discount. A 1-month membership is $9.95, but if you purchase a 4-month membership the price ($24.95) averages out to $6.24 per month, a 12-month membership ($49.95) averages out to $4.16 per month, and a 3-year membership ($129.95) averages out to $3.61 per month. You may see all of these options on our membership page.

We also have additional discounts when multiple memberships are purchased together. See our information on bulk memberships, memberships for educational institutions, memberships for non-educational institutions, and public library memberships.

Check with your local public library to see if they have a library membership to Signing Savvy, which would allow you to get membership for free.

We also have a recommendation program where you may earn free membership time if you recommend Signing Savvy and that person purchases membership.

We have special accounts for teachers so they may receive trial membership time on Signing Savvy, as well as pass along discounts to their students (and their families and other support staff).

You may also put a gift membership on your birthday or holiday wish list.

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