Signing Savvy Team

The Signing Savvy Team

The Signing Savvy Team is made up of our Leadership Team, staff, consultants, Sign Language Advisory Board Members, and article authors. The team is a blend of sign language experts and experts in technology.

We work with a wide range of people from across the United States and Canada who are passionate about using and teaching American Sign Language - from teachers to parents, administrators of early childhood programs, and interpreters - deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, parents of deaf and hard of hearing children, children of deaf adults. Our goal is to work with people with various backgrounds and experience to provide a wide range of advice and expertise.

Our team also includes you and other people, like you, that use Signing Savvy. We are always making improvements to Signing Savvy’s content and adding new features based on feedback from our users. So if you see an issue or have suggestion, please be part of our team and let us know!

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