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Signing Savvy is an ideal resource to use while you learn sign language. It includes the ability to view large sign videos, build your own word lists and share them with others, create virtual flash cards and quizzes, print signs, build sign phrases, ...and more

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Word Lists, Flash Cards, and Quizzes

Site News   |  Wednesday, July 22, 2009

By Brian Winn

We have had word lists since the launch of Signing Savvy. However, we have made a number of improvements recently that greatly enhances word lists. We are really excited to announce the added functionality that allows you to test your signing skills with our new virtual flash cards and quizzing features within word lists. The word list features are explained below.

What are word lists

Word lists are usually semantically related signs grouped together. For example, there are a number of Signing Savvy created word lists, such as Colors, Animals, and U.S. States. Many of these word lists are available from the "Browse Signs" box in the top right side of the web page.

Creating your own word lists

One of the most compelling member features is the ability to create and organize your own word lists. Members have been creating word lists for many reasons, including:

  • Word lists to organize signs from a lesson they are studying in a sign language course
  • Word lists to organize signs from a chapter they are studying in a sign language book
  • Word lists to organize signs into categories of words, such as medical signs, greetings, and household objects
  • Word lists to hold signs that make up the lyrics for a song
  • Word lists to hold signs that make up a bible verse
  • Word lists to hold signs of their friends and families names (fingerspelled)

So far our members have created over 1000 of their own word lists! As a member, you can create, view, and manage your word lists by clicking on My Word Lists in the "Browse Signs" box.

Shared Word Lists

Members can choose to share their word lists with other members on Signing Savvy. For members creating word lists, this is a great way to share your favorite signs with your fellow students, classmate, friends, or family members. For all members, using Shared Word Lists is another great way to explore and learn signs on Signing Savvy.

Practice with Flash Cards

One of the new word list features is virtual flash cards! This feature allows you to use word lists to practice your signing. You can view the sign, think about what you think the sign is for, and then reveal the answer to see if you are correct. You can also do the opposite. That is, you can view a word or phrase, then make the sign (perhaps using a mirror so you can see yourself sign), then reveal the sign video to see if you are correct. Just like paper flash cards ... but with benefits of video! You need to be a member to use this feature. However, you can preview flash cards on the color word list to see how it works without being a member.

Quiz Yourself

Another new word list feature is the ability to create a quiz from the word list and then test your knowledge by running through a series of multiple choice questions. What better way to practice your signing or to prepare for an upcoming test than to quiz yourself from the comfort of your own computer. You need to be a member to use this feature. However, you can preview quizzing on the color word list to see how it works without being a member.

View All Signs Together

The "View All Signs Together" feature allows you to view all the signs in the word list, back to back, in one video playback. This feature is also quite useful for printing the entire word list at one time using the PRINT signs feature.


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Comment on Dictionary Signs

Site News   |  Friday, July 17, 2009

By Brian Winn

You can now post comments on not only blog posts but also signs in the dictionary. Our hope is that this feature will allow you to better ask questions of and share your knowledge with your fellow Signing Savvy users.


To do read and post comments, you must be a registered guest or a member.


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The Simpsons Learn Sign Language

General Interest   |  Monday, July 13, 2009

By Jillian Winn

Just for fun - In a recent episode of the Simpsons, titled "The Good, The Bad, and the Drugly", the bully Nelson Muntz, used American Sign Language to fingerspell his trademark "Haw Haw!" laugh rather than vocalize it. Like all Simpsons characters, Nelson has just four digits, which makes his fingerspelling a bit unique. Nelson signs about 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode.


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Keeping Signing Savvy Family Friendly

Site News   |  Thursday, July 9, 2009

By Brian Winn

As of today, we have nearly 6500 words in the Signing Savvy dictionary. We are continuously updating our dictionary of signs. In fact, to date we have added around 100 new signs each month. Our goal is to have the most comprehensive video dictionary of signs on the web.

However, to be a complete dictionary you need to include words and phrases that some may consider mature. We are beginning to include mature words, not only because we want to have a complete dictionary of signs, but also because it is especially important for healthcare workers and patients, social workers, and educators to have access to this vocabulary.

Marking Mature Signs

Terms that may be considered mature are marked as mature in our dictionary. Mature signs are indicated with the graphic below the word. Labeling words and signs as "mature" can be subjective and we do our best to maintain the integrity of the Signing Savvy site and its audience.

Mature Signs for Visitors

If you are a visitor that does not have an account (or you are not logged in) you can search for mature words and the site will indicate that it is in the dictionary but you must be logged in to see the sign. Mature signs do not appear in the browse by letter lists.

Mature Signs for Registered Guests and Members

If you are a registered guest or a member, once you login, you have the option of showing mature signs or not. This can be set as a preference in your account info settings.

When you indicate that you do not want to see mature signs, the mature signs will not show up in the browse by letter list. If you search directly for a mature sign, the site will indicate that it is in the dictionary but you have chosen not to see mature signs.

When you indicate that you do want to see mature signs, the mature signs will show up both in the browse by letter list and when you search directly for them.

You can change your preferences depending on how you are using the site. For example, if you are demoing signs in the classroom, you may choose to not show mature signs. However, you may turn them back on at anytime.


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Baby Reviews Signing Savvy

Site News   |  Monday, June 29, 2009

By John Miller

Recently Signing Savvy served as a "real-world client" for an Apprentice-style project management class at Michigan State University. As part of the project, one group of students created an informative video walkthrough of some of the features of the Signing Savvy website and placed it on YouTube to help promote the site. The video is below.

Isn't Xavier cute!?!? I am sure his baby signing skills will increase rapidly now that he has found Signing Savvy, as well as his dancing. ;-)


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